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Liz Schick - TACKERS founder in Europe

Liz Schick - TACKERS founder in Europe

Liz Schick

Liz Schick, is British-born and lives in Switzerland with René, her husband and children James and Zoé.

Liz is an organ transplant survivor, plus ‘mum’, friend and counsellor to children worldwide. In her own words, she explains how she faced up to having a life-saving organ transplant and how she’s used the experience to help children re-start their lives after organ transplant surgery. Read more about Liz.

TACKERS honorary committee

TACKERS committee members Princess Lilian of Sweden

Princess Lilian of Sweden

HRH Princess Lilian of Sweden

“I would like to send my warmest wishes to all the children staying at the camp. When I was young, there were no transplants. Now with the miracle of modern medicine, we can save lives. Your presence at this camp is a testimony to this. I have know Liz Schick since she was born. I was so shocked when I heard she needed a transplant at 35 when she seemed and looked so healthy. What happened to Liz made me reflect on organ donation and taught me a lot of things. I encourage you all to tell your stories. You are all young ambassadors and can make a difference.”

Roger moore

Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore

“Thousands of children around the world are on transplant waiting lists and many of them will die because the organ they need will not be donated in time. It is a devastating situation for the children and their families. The work done by TACKERS shows the other side of the picture – happy, healthy children with the chance to make of life anything they want. A decision to donate produces on average three or four organs and saves three of four families from devastation. It also produces tissue, such as corneas to restore sight, skin to cure painful burns and bone to prevent amputations. Most people will never have a chance to change the world they live in but organ donors save the lives of many. TACKERS helps to celebrate this new gift of life.”


Nigel Heaton

Nigel Heaton – Consultant surgeon/honorary senior lecturer liver transplantation & hepatobiliary/pancreatic surgery, Kings College, London

“TACKERS has bought children together from all over the world who have been transplanted for a wide variety of conditions. It is a fun and wonderful experience where children are able to meet others who face similar problems and situations and are learning to live life to the full. It takes transplantation and the related issues out of the hospital and medical environment and provides a unique opportunity to make these children aware of potential problems they face, having been transplanted and how to help them to avoid them.

The success of TACKERS and its events need to be built upon. It is a unique opportunity to educate transplant recipients, health care professionals and the general public. The idea could be expanded to include a series of overlapping events, which would include the involvement of the children, health care workers and representatives of the sponsoring company/companies in an environment tailor-made for informed, but informal discussion.”

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