Henrik Gunnarson, Sweden

9 years old
Heart transplant – Spring 1999

Henrik has loved coming to TACKERS camp with his father and younger brother, Hans. At camp Henrik has enjoyed skiing but decided that snowshoeing was his favourite activity. The family have found it a positive experience especially networking with other families whose children have also had transplants. They cannot wait to come back next year and his father, Per, has even enquired about becoming a camp counsellor! Henrik and Hans will be learning English and French in the coming year so that they can get even more out of TACKERS 2005.

At school Henrik’s favourite subject is mathematics and his homework at camp was to write a travelogue reporting on what he did at TACKERS. After school Henrik goes sailing and has recently joined the Sea Scouts.

Per is very proud of Henrik and believes that his greatest achievement is making it through the operation. Henrik was only four years old when he had his transplant and he has been very mature about it.

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