Phillip Bates, USA

Lung and kidney transplants (July 1993 and August 2003)

 Phillip Bates, USA

Phillip Bates, USA

TACKERS 2004 was Phillip’s third time at camp. He loves the snow, skiing and the interaction with the other children. He says that the kids here ‘get it’ and do not freak out about the medicines, scars and tubes, like the children at school do. Also, all the children give support to each other as they have shared the same experiences.

At school, Phillip likes anything related to science and loves participating in scientific experiments. Outside of school, he enjoys watching television; his favourite video game is Pokemon; and he loves studying animals.

Phillip’s mother, Terinda, believes that camp is a wonderful experience and worth the long journey as it is an opportunity of a lifetime. She wishes that there could be more funding so that other American children can come to TACKERS as many transplant children have not been out of their own state.

Regarding organ donation, Terinda thinks it is sad that anyone has to wait for a transplant but it is even sadder for children as they have to put their lives on hold.

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