Winter World Transplant Games

TACKERS will not be organising a TACKERS camp for 2018. We will be putting our energies into organising the Nicholas Cup, which was held in Anzère in 2002.

The Nicholas Cup is part of the Winter World Transplant Games which will take place in Anzère from the 7-12 of January 2018. To qualify for camp a child must be aged from 8-15 and be a total beginner skier.  However there is also a junior category within the games for experienced skiers.

The Winter World Transplant Games 2018 has something for every-one of all ages, children and adults. If you cannot ski come and learn! Transplant recipient adults and juniors who cannot, or do not wish to ski, can also take part in the curling and snowshoeing.

Please visit the official website of the games:  Invite your friends and family to join you. Celebrate the gift of life in the Swiss Alps from the 7th-12th March 2018 and we will offer you 2 extra nights, the 6rd and the 13th!
Hurry as enrolment closes 31.11.2017.

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