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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide transplant children from around the world with an adventure of a lifetime and an experience they will remember forever. Through our camps, we aim to create friendships and develop a support network for the children to help and support each other.

Our goals

  • To give young transplant recipients the chance to meet their transplant peers away from the hospital and medical environment.
  • For the children to feel like ambassadors, to show the world that transplantation works & not only saves lives but gives back quality life;
  • To show our gratitude to donor families and the positive result of their ‘gift of life’;
  •  To demonstrate to all people on transplant waiting lists & their families that the quality of life after transplantation can be great;
  • To show the parents that their children can be independent. Sometimes the parents do not allow their children the freedom they would like after they have had a transplant;
  • To show the children themselves that they can do things that other ‘normal’ children can do;
  • Many adolescent transplant recipients refuse to follow their drug regime. Mixing with others who also have to follow the same daily drug regime can make the acceptance of their situation easier.
  • To promote a healthy and active lifestyle as promoted by the World Transplant Games Federation with their Fit for Life Initiative