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Liz Schick, Switzerland

Liz Schick, is British-born and lives in Switzerland with René, her husband and children James and Zoé. The TACKERS camp manager and owner of a sports shop from the canton of Valais received a liver transplant in 1998.

«It really was a gift of life that has allowed me to watch my children grow up. René and I will soon be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. My mother always used to tell me: «Always turn a minus into a plus». Her wise words led to me bringing TACKERS (Transplant Adventure Camps for Kids) to life, which is run in collaboration with Swisstransplant. Every year, we organize an international event in Anzère for children who have received transplants. We also organize conferences on the topic of organ donation and transplantation. In addition, I compete in the winter and summer World Transplant Games, and in 2011, I was elected to the World Transplant Games Federation Council. And a few years ago I climbed Kilimanjaro! I will never be able to thank the donor’s family enough – but I still thank them every single day. Merci à la vie!»

As project manager at Swisstranplant, Liz Schick is responsible for TACKERS.

Sarah Rainford, England

Sarah is our dual Nationality Swiss and British Camp Liaison, who has been working with TACKERS for 3 years. Sarah is responsible for the planning, operations and daily programme of the camp. With a background in events and a huge passion for sport, Sarah is passionate about ensuring the camp improves year on year and continues to be a life changing experience for our TACKERS children.

Paul Harden, England

The nephrologist from Oxford, who took part in the camp 2017 for the first time, saw some of his former patients again at TACKERS: «The children are doing things here that they thought they couldn't do before. The camp increases the self-esteem and self-confidence of the kids, it's wonderful to see that.»

Ben Gateley, England

Ben has been working with TACKERS for 10 years now, originally as Volunteer Coordinator and now as Camp Coordinator, with a background in Biomedical Science Ben now runs a number of communication businesses in East London ( Ben’s role at camp is to ensure that everything runs smoothly from an operations perspective, looking after our team of volunteers & nurses to ensure they are doing everything to make camp a once in a lifetime experience.

Baebhen, Irland

In 1997, Baebhen received part of a donor liver only five days after her birth. She came to TACKERS every year since she was seven years old. In the meantime, the law student from Dublin has become involved as a volunteer. «This is where I made friends for life,» she says, «our shared background is a bond of unity. I am still in close contact with other transplantees whom I met as a child at the TACKERS camp!»

Cynthia Guillemin

Cynthia, 27, had a kidney transplant over 2O years ago and participated at the first TACKERS camp in 2001. She has been coming back for the past 7 years as a volunteer this time. Long time traveler, educator, everyday enthousiaste and humanitarian at heart, Cynthia makes sure that she can make it to camp every year to share her story, bring joy and be part of a lifetime experience for the children at camp.