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Meet some of our past Campers

Tsz Ling So, Hongkong

Tsz Ling from Hong Kong, who has had her liver transplanted since 2002, travelled halfway around the world to Anzère all by herself for TACKERS. She enjoys skiing and the snow to the full. But Tsz Ling is particularly impressed by the starry sky in the Valais: «This is the first time in my life that I've seen the stars sparkle! In Hong Kong, everything is so brightly lit that you never see them at all.»

Maurice, Switzerland

Maurice, one of the few Swiss in the international group, is kidney transplanted and would later like to work as a cook in the Zurich Children's Hospital. «I know some of the cooks there. They are super cool!» Maurice also finds his first visit to the TACKERS camp simply «mega cool»: «I like meeting children from other countries and meeting new people. It's really exciting to hear their stories. And everything is very well organized here.»

Daisy, England

Daisy accompanies her five years older brother Max. He got a new heart in July 2015. Both enjoy the snow and skiing, but Daisy, who later wants to become an actress, likes the afternoon swimming program the best.

Tala & Halla, Israel

Tala, who has had her liver transplanted for four years, and her multitransplanted friend Halla agree on her first visit to the TACKERS: «We liked dancing in the disco and swimming in the pool the best, but skiing is fun too!»